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A personal Story

I spoke with an interstate friend yesterday. He is someone I have always admired for his commitment to his family and good health. He's almost 40 and coaches his son's footy team.

Just before Xmas, he was on the treadmill at his local gym when he suddenly collapsed and his heart stopped beating. By good chance, there were two nurses exercising close by him, and they immediately began CPR and hooked him up to an AED which was kept at the gym.

These two angels saved my friend's life until an ambulance arrived and took him to hospital

where they discovered a heart defect which was corrected with surgery. Now he is recovering at home and thanks to the quick action of his 'gym angels', looking towards a bright future.

I am so grateful that he was one of the lucky ones, but every day in Australia, many families lose their loved ones through Sudden Cardiac Arrest and this doesn't need to happen.

This story is one of many and highlights the importance of making sure we all get a health check

regularly and even more so, have an AED within close range and know how to practice CPR.

If you want to join our mission of putting an AED in every street in our community, call or message us. We can offer you easy payment terms.


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