• Jill


In Australia, around 40 people die every single day from a sudden cardiac arrest. This amounts to 40 families losing a loved one every day – it could be your mother, father, grandparent, daughter or son. 40 tragedies – and most of them are completely preventable if only an AED was within reach.

My Heart safe is calling on the community and business to work together to move towards an Australia where, if someone, a friend or workmate, has a heart attack, you will be able to reach a Defibrillator within 3 minutes. If this can be done, we know that person has a real chance of survival.

Having access to an AED is a great idea, one that can give someone a second chance in life.

With interest-free terms for up to 24 months, My Heartsafe is passionate about making this change affordable for everyone, so you too can save a life.


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