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Helping someone survive a Cardiac Arrest may come down to you. Are you ready and able?

Australian medical authorities say about only 9% of Australians who have a sudden cardiac arrest will survive – St John’s Ambulance say it is more like 5%.

Whichever is accurate, too many lives are lost each year, and the critical issue surrounding this is one of response time.

Earlier this year, the ABC reported on a young woman who was standing at a Sydney rail station and her heart stopped suddenly. Luckily, a paramedic nearby was able to immediately commence CPR and was ready to use a defibrillator – her life was saved.

In February, a gym owner was able to save the life of a woman using a rowing machine, with an AED.

These were the lucky ones!

AEDs are slowly being rolled out across Australia but with the statistics above in this article, there is a long way to go.

Would you know how to use an AED in an emergency?

If you are thinking your answer is ’No’ think again because the modern AED is easy to use, light to pick up and carry, and supplies you with voice instructions throughout the process. They will NOT shock if there is no need.

MY HEARTSAFE provides CPR training and ongoing online support to our clients when they purchase one of defibrillators – don’t delay!

Call or message us today and you could have a defibrillator in your home, club or office when you need one! Interest free terms are available, so it is affordable for everyone.

You too can save a life!


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