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Heart Disease does not discriminate

Every day in Australia, 22 women die from heart disease

Whilst men are also affected by this disease, women are far more likely to lose their life and most don’t see it coming until it’s too late.

As Lisa Curry, former Olympic swimmer said “It’s hard because you can’t see inside your body – we all look OK on the outside but what is happening inside”

(Source: Channel 7 January 2020)

Lisa was one of the lucky ones – she was diagnosed and treated quickly.

Earlier in the news this week, researchers confirmed that the prevalence of heart disease female to male was almost 9:1.

This statistic makes it even more important that at any age, we should consider having a defibrillator in our homes or workplace so more lives can be saved.

MY HEARTSAFE, through Payright, can provide defibrillators for as little as $6 per day, so the investment in this important life-saving device is affordable for everyone.

Join us in our commitment so fewer families suffer the pain of losing a loved one.


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