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Our Community Program

We hear countless stories of what can be done when groups of people or communities band together for a common cause – some great examples have been the fire ravaged communities affected by bushfires earlier this year, and the cyclone damage in the North of Queensland. Wonderful feats of assistance have been achieved by Australians.

My Heartsafe is developing a program where communities can share in the purchase of a defibrillator, so that it can be installed and retained with easy reach of a street, cul-de-sac or small village. At a nominal cost for each householder, this brings safety within the reach of everyone!

As an alternative, we are excited to be able to supply interest-free terms for up to two years if you wish to purchase an individual AED for your home, caravan or boat. Over the festive break, many boat owners will be embarking on a relaxing holiday in our beautiful waterways or coastline ….. are you prepared if the worst happens and someone has a heart attack onboard? Not only does it leave your loved ones vulnerable, but emergency services may be unable to reach you within those precious few minutes. DO something now to protect yourself and family! CALL 1300 029 141


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